Benjamin Carnival 2019

Here are some of the questions the carnival committee receives and some the committee thought could be useful.  This page will be updated with answers to new questions that come in that we feel others could also benefit from.  Please see the link at the bottom of the page to submit your questions or suggestions.


Carnival Overall

Why do we have a school carnival?

The school carnival is the main fundraising event of the year and all proceeds go to support the Benjamin PTO.

What is the money from carnival used for?

Money from the school carnival helps to support all the activities that PTO does throughout the year.  If interested in finding out more, please visit the PTO section on the Benjamin website on

That said, we have had a lot of success with carnival in the past and have been able to raise more money than budgeted for to support PTO activities.  Using those extra funds, we were able to buy 30 new computers for the school in 2015.  In 2016 we were able to enhance the science curriculums in the classrooms and provide some landscaping to the school grounds.  Last year we purchased iPad's to be used throughout the school and continued to purchase science material.

How much money to we hope to raise this year?

We have set a goal of $15,000 net for the 2018 carnival.  This is a lofty goal as last year’s net was around $13,000.  We have added additional sponsorship opportunities beyond just basket raffle donations to help reach that goal.



How many baskets will there be this year?

The carnival committee is in the early stages of soliciting donations for baskets, so while it is not known our goal is always to provide a great volume, variety, and value.

How can I help with baskets?

We are always looking for volunteers to help build baskets and of course any items to use to build a basket.  Please see the Carnival Baskets & Winners page for more details.

If I am building a “basket”, do I actually need to put the items in a basket?

No, the term basket is relative.  People have used buckets, boxes, ect. in the past.  We are just looking for items in some sort of container that can be easily displayed.



Is anything being done to help with lines at some activities?

Yes, we made quite a few changes in the last few years that really helped with lines.  We added on an additional face painter and additional balloon artist that we have had in the past and for 2018 we are adding another baloon artist.  We are adding a 6th inflatable to the gym this year, that is 4 more than just a few years back!  And with games spread throught the school, there should always be an activity with minimal wait!



Where will games be located?

2015 was the first year we used the upstairs of Benjamin for carnival night.  While we did have a few issues with the elevator, overall it seemed to really decrease the congestion throughout the school.  2018 will be the 4th year of using the upstairs and only common rooms.  Most games and activities will be in the commons (with the exception of Art and Music Rooms, and Gym) so we do not disturb the teachers’ classrooms.  See the Map link of the left of this page for game locations.

The tickets won in Ticket Trivia, can they be used for basket raffle in the IMC?

No, these raffle tickets are special and can only be used in the ticket trivia baskets located in the 2nd grade commons!  There will be signs posted and volunteers running the games will help direct kids.  Any tickets from the kids games that are put into the basket raffles in the IMC will be discarded.



Will additional food be offered for those with allergies?

We are working with Avanti’s on what options there are, but given the size of our order we cannot get too specific on items.  We do plan to have both salads and gluten free gondolas available for pre-order (and only for pre-order).

Do I need to pre-order food?

While we will sell food the night of the carnival, the options will be limited and there is a chance that we might run out of food.  Pre-ordering really helps to solve these issues and ensure you get the food of choice.



Who should volunteer?

We will take any responsible volunteers including older Jr. High students or older.  This event will only be successful if we can get the needed number of volunteers.  We ask for a shift of volunteer time for every child attending.  We understand this may not work for those coming alone with a younger child, but for all others it should be practical and help us to run the carnival to the magnitude that we have planned.

What would I be doing if I volunteer?

We need people throughout the school, helping with games, signing people in, controlling lines, working food, etc.  There is a long list of needs.  We ask people to sign up for one of two shifts or setup or cleanup.  While we don’t encourage requests for specific duties as it won’t always be possible to match, if you do have specific requests we are happy to try and accommodate you.  And we do have some activities that can be performed sitting, so requests to that detail are welcome. To sign up to volunteer, please see the link on the Volunteer page.


Fast Pass

For 2018, we will not be offering fast pass.  While it has worked realitively well, we received enough mixed feedback that we have decided to try a year without it.  Instead, we will have more vendors and activities during carnival to help alleviate congestion problems.  But of course there is a cost to adding more please help support this change through raffle ticket puchases.  Thanks!



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