Benjamin Carnival 2019

Here are the 2017 carnival logo design contect entries.

Thanks to all the students for their great designs!



2017 carnival logo

Logo by:

Alyssa B, 5J and Hannah K, 5J


ankita r 2g

Logo by:

Ankita R, 2G


annalise c 3p

Logo by:

Annalise C, 3P


ashlyn m 2k

Logo by:

Ashlyn M, 2K


aundrea n 3p

Logo by:

Aundrea N, 3P


ella b 3p

Logo by:

Ella B, 3P


kylie h 3e

Logo by:

Kylie H, 3K


sarah t 2k

Logo by:

Sarah T, 2K


tomoya h 3d

Logo by:

Tomoya H, 3D