Benjamin Carnival 2019


If you are visiting this page, thank you – hopefully that means you are interested in volunteering.  We can only do as much the night of carnival as we have volunteers to run.  We have had to reduce the number of games in the past due to a lack of volunteers, something we desperately do not want to do this year!


We use signup genius to track all our volunteers.  Simply follow the link below and click on one of the time slots.  If you need any help, use the contact links below.  You can also include the time you want to volunteer and we can enter it for you.


We do accept request for specific assignments, but we ask you to be flexible and if you don’t have a preference just leave that blank.  This allows us to ensure all needs are covered.


If you do have any specific requirements such as you prefer a task where would be sitting, that can usually be arranged and please put that in requests.


There is also the opportunity to sign up on the sign up to bring in food donations for the games and food services. If you are interested in contributing that way, please see the Donations button for the sign-up link.


Thanks again for helping to make this year’s carnival a great success!